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Using components in Blueprints

The "Components" mode of the blueprint editor allows you to add components to the current blueprint. The image below shows the "Components" mode selected.

Components are ready to use objects that we can add to our Blueprints. Several features can be included in a blueprint only using components.

To add components use the "Components" tab that is located on the left side of the editor.

Click the "Add Component" button to list the various types of components available.

As an example we will add a "Static Mesh" to visually represent the blueprint in the game.

The "Static Mesh" option is just above in the "Common" category:

After the addition of the component, its properties are displayed in the "Details" tab which is below the "Components" tab.

To select the "Static Mesh" that will be used, click the ComboBox that is inside the category "Static Mesh". Select one of the "Static Mesh" listed. For my example I chose "SM_MatPreviewMesh_02".

The "Static Mesh" selected will be immediately displayed in the blueprint editor.

I'll add one more component that is responsible for keeping rotating the blueprint in the game.

The component name is "Rotating Movement" and it is in the "Movement" category.

In the "Details" tab, "Rotating Component" category, there are the values ​​that can be modified to change the type of rotation applied to the blueprint.

Now just compile the blueprint, add it to the level and start the game to see it running.

The image below shows my blueprint being used with the "Third Person Template".

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