quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

BP Compendium 2: Game Mode

Game Mode

The "GameMode" class is used to define the rules of the game. The "GameMode" also specifies the classes that will be used for the creation of "Pawn", "PlayerController", "HUD" and other classes.

After you create a blueprint of the "GameMode" type it is possible to set it as default "GameMode" for the project by accessing in the main editor the menu option: Edit->Project Settings->Maps & Modes. Then just choose in the combobox of the option "Default GameMode" the Blueprint that was created.

Each level can have a different "GameMode". If a "GameMode" is not specified for the level, it will be used the "GameMode" that has been set for the project. To specify the "GameMode" of a level click on the "Settings" button of the level editor and choose the "World Settings" option.

Choose the "GameMode" of the level in the "GameMode Override" option. The editor also allows other classes to be selected to replace some attributes of the "GameMode". This way it is possible to make small changes in the "GameMode" of each level without creating another "GameMode".