domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

BP Compendium: Bind Event

Bind Event

Bind one event to another event or event dispatcher, which can be in another Blueprint. When an event is called, all the other events that are bound to it are also called.


  • Target: Object that has the event that receives the bind.
  • Event: Reference to an event that will be bind to another event, to be called later.

Example Usage

There is a blueprint "PickupManager" that is responsible for creating "PickupItem" and keeps the variable "ItemCount" with the amount of "PickupItem" that exists in the level. For this, a custom event "RemoveItem" was created which decreases by 1 the value of the variable "ItemCount".

The event "RemoveItem" is bound to the event "OnDestroyed" of the "PickupItem" that was created. Thus, when the "PickupItem" is destroyed in the game, the event "RemoveItem" will be called.

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In another example there is a blueprint called "PlayWarrior" which is used by the player. This blueprint has an event dispatcher named "GoalAchieved". When starting the game, the Level Blueprint does a bind with the event dispatcher "GoalAchieved". When the event dispatcher "GoalAchieved" is triggered by the player, the Level Blueprint will change to the next level.

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