terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

BP Compendium: Format text

Format text

Node that builds a text based on parameters that can be specified in the "format" property.


  • Format: The text that will be part of the final result. To set parameters, simply put a name between the delimiters {} for each parameter.
  • Parameters defined in "Format": For each pair of {} is generated a new input parameter with the name that is between {}.


  • Result: Final text build with the values of the format parameter and the other parameters.

Example Usage

At the end of a match a text will appear with the result. This text contains the values of 4 variables related to the names and scores of two players.

The text used in the "format" parameter  was:

Result: {Player1Name} = {Player1Score} X {Player2Name} = {Player2Score}

After placing the value of "Format", the Blueprint editor generates the other input parameters.

The image below shows the Format Text node.

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This is an example of the generated text: