quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2016

BP Compendium: Timeline


Timeline allows the creation of simple time-based animations inside the Blueprints. After adding to the editor, the Timelines can be edited in the Blueprint editor by double-clicking them.


  • Play: Play forward from its current position.
  • Play from Start:  Play forward from start.
  • Stop: Stops the Timeline at the current time. 
  • Reverse: Reverse the Timeline from its current position.
  • Reverse from End: Reverse the Timeline from end.
  • Set New Time: Sets the current time with the value of parameter “New Time”.
  • New Time: The value in seconds used by “Set New Time”.


  • Update: Execution pin called constantly while the timeline is running.
  • Finished: Execution pin called when the playback ends.
  • Direction: Indicate the direction of the timeline (forward or backward).

Example Usage

After opening a timeline by double-clicking it, the keyframes of animation can be added by right-click in the center of the timeline and choose "Add Key".

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This Blueprint is from a platform that moves between two positions along the X axis. The variables "X_Initial" and "X_Final" keep the positions where the platform will move in the world. The Flip Flop action is used to switch the execution of the Timeline between the normal direction and the reverse.

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