domingo, 19 de junho de 2016

BP Compendium 2: Actor


Base class for objects that can be added to the Level. The actors may contain components and have functionality for replication that are used in network games. Most of the time the Blueprint will be based on "Actor" or a subclass of "Actor". It is important to know the attributes and actions that are part of the "Actor" class because they are available to all subclasses of "Actor".

For example, all "Actor" has a "Transform" which is a structure that defines the position, rotation and scale of the "Actor". There are functions to change the "Transform" or part of it as the "Location".

Click the "Class Defaults" button to see other attributes that are part of the "Actor" class. Some attributes indicate whether the actor receives damage, how to deal with the collision when the actor is created in the level and also specifies the actor's life span before being automatically removed.

There is an action named "Spawn Actor from Class" which is used to create actors in the Level during the execution of the game. Just inform the "Transform" and the "Actor" subclass that will be used.

In "Class Defaults" you can specify a set of Tags to identify the actors. The example below shows that was created in an actor one tag with the name "Boss". In another blueprint a collision test is done and the actions will only be executed if the actor who is colliding has the Tag "Boss".

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