terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2016

BP Compendium 2: Character


The "Character" class is a subclass of the "Pawn" class, so it can also be possessed by a "Controller". This class was created to represent characters that can walk, run, jump, swim and fly. This class already has a set of components to assist in this goal.

Create a Blueprint based on the "Character" class and see in the "Components" tab the components that were inherited from the "Character" class.

The "CapsuleComponent" is used for collision tests. The "ArrowComponent" indicates the current direction of the "Character". The Mesh component is the visual representation of the "Character", is of "Skeletal Mesh" type and can be controlled by an Animation Blueprint.

The "CharacterMovement" component has a large number of properties to define various types of movements of the "Character" such as walk, run, jump, swim and fly. The image below shows some properties that are used when the "Character" is walking.