segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

BP Compendium 2: Components


Components are ready to use objects that can be used inside the Blueprints. Several features can be included in a Blueprint only using components.

To add components use the "Components" tab of the Blueprint editor. The left image shows the "Components" tab of a new blueprint. The right image shows some components options that are displayed when the "Add Component" button is pressed.

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The properties of a component can be edited on the "Details" tab and the visual representation of the components can be seen on the "Viewport" tab.

The image below shows the components that are part of the Blueprint "ThirdPersonCharacter" of the "Third Person" template. The components that have (Inherited) next to the name were inherited from the "Character" class.

The CapsuleComponent is used for collision testing; The Mesh component is of the SkeletalMesh type that visually represents the character; the FollowCamera component is the camera that will be used to view the game; The CharacterMovement component contains various properties that are used to define the movement.

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