quinta-feira, 30 de março de 2017

BP Compendium 3: Set Material

Set Material

Changes the material being used by a component.

  • Element Index:  This index indicates which material will be modified in the component.
  • Material: Reference to the new material that will be used.

Example Usage

A Blueprint contains a "Static Mesh" called "Power Sphere". When an actor approaches the Blueprint, the "Power Sphere" material is modified to indicate that it is active. When the actor moves away, the material is modified to its initial value indicating that it is disabled. 

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A component may have several materials associated with it. In this case it is necessary to inform in the parameter "Element Index" which material will be modified. The image below shows the Skeletal Mesh used in the Unreal Engine templates. The material with Element Index = 0 is used throughout the body of the character. The material with Element Index = 1 had the Unreal logo, but was modified to a gold-like material to illustrate the position where it is applied.

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