sábado, 11 de junho de 2016

BP Compendium 2: Level Blueprints

Level Blueprints

The Unreal Engine 4 has a special type of Blueprint known as "Level Blueprints". Each game level has its "Level Blueprint". To open it click the "Blueprint" button on the top of the editor and choose the "Open Level Blueprint" option.

A common use of "Level Blueprints" is to define actions to be performed when the player activate Triggers that are placed on the Level. To add a Trigger right click somewhere in the level and choose "Place Actor → Trigger → Box Trigger".

As an example will be placed a "Box Trigger" on a path of the game. The Box Trigger is invisible during the game. When the player touches the "Box Trigger" will be created an Actor of the "Big Monster" type in a near location to face the player. To add an event related to the "Trigger Box" that is on the level, select it and then open the "Level Blueprint". Right click on the "EventGraph" and choose the option shown in the image below.

This is the script of the Level Blueprint:

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