quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

BP Compendium 3: Get Overlapping Actors

Get Overlapping Actors

This function returns a list of actors that are overlapping the Actor/Component. There are two versions of this function, one that uses an Actor as Target and the other that uses a Component as Target.

  • Target:  Reference to the Actor/Component that will be used in the overlapping test.
  • Class Filter: Optional. Indicates which class/subclasses will be used in the test.

  • Overlapping Actors: Array containing the Actors that are overlapping the Actor/Component.

Example Usage: 

Imagine an area that deals damage to all the actors in it. This area is represented by a Blueprint that has a Box Collision component that defines the location where the actors suffer damage. The event below is periodically called to apply damage to all actors who are overlapping the Box Collision.

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The image below shows the Timer that was set to call the "Timer Damage" event once per second.

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