domingo, 11 de junho de 2017

BP Compendium 3: Spawn Emitter at Location

Spawn Emitter at Location

Plays a particle system at the specified location.

  • Emitter Template: Particle system template that will be used.
  • Location: Location where the particle system will be created.
  • Rotation: Rotation used by the particle system. 
  • Auto Destroy: Boolean value. If true, it destroys the particle system when execution is complete.

  • Return Value: Reference to the particle system component that was created.

Example Usage

The image below is from a blueprint that represents a "Bullet". When this bullet collides with something a particle system will be created at the collision location using the "P_Explosion" template. After this the bullet is destroyed.

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In another example, a particle system is created when an actor overlaps a blueprint and is destroyed when an actor ends the overlap. The reference to the particle system created is saved in the "Emitter Reference" variable. The particle system template "P_Sparks" that was used is looped and does not stop running automatically.

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